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Using natural, wildcrafted, raw ingredients, a life of sense emerges leaving a better footprint on our bodies and our earth.  Life of Sense's philosophy is to bring nature to all who seek it. 

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Glossary of Therapeutic Properties

Glossary of Therapeutic Properties

Many studies have been conducted and science has now confirmed what aromatherapists have known for centuries; that pure essential oils have therapeutic properties for our overall wellbeing.  The properties from the oils can be inhaled via the olfactory system or absorbed through the skin.  

The constituents that naturally occur in essential oils play a major role in defining the therapeutic properties of any specific oil.  Each oil has therapeutic benefits and you can reference them by referring to the therapeutic benefits listed. 

The glossary will define each specific therapeutic property to give you a deeper understanding on the possible effects the oil can provide.  Please note some terms may not be listed.  This is just a guide please speak to a trusted medical professional before seeking alternative treatments. 

We now have after pay!!

We now have after pay!!

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"The products I've experienced from Life of Sense are beautiful to use as well as being toxic free and each ingredient carefully selected and researched by Sarah.
I trust all of her products to be safe as well as suited to my or my family's needs.
I love that Life of Sense can supply products as well as knowledge of personal care products to me and others seeking a toxic free and harmonious lifestyle. An excellent and reliable alternative to any shop bought personal care products.
Thank you for sharing with us all! "