Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone
Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone

Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone

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Black Obsidian is considered a deep soul cleanser.  Obsidian offers insight into causes of disease.  It can remove blockages and debris from past lives and reverses previous misuse of power, addressing issues on all levels.  The stone blocks psychic attack and removes negative spiritual influences.  It anchors the spirit into the body.  

Obsidian can bring deep seated emotions and issues to the surface, accessing your shadow and integrating positive qualities hidden there... it works extremely fast, but you may need other crystals to deal with issues arising from it.

The stone can clarify the mind and clears confusion.  It assists the body's structures to energetically detoxify, blocking geopathic stress and environmental pollution.

Cleanse yourself and let go of the past. This stone is powerful for protection, cleansing and rebalancing. Replace negative emotions, thoughts and feelings with positivity, by keeping this gem around. Allow Obsidian to clear the way for new growth and beginnings. This stone can help you ground you in the present moment and allow you to experience a rebirth of connection to the earth and your higher consciousness.

Source: Mexico

Vibration:  Earthy

Physiology:  Digestion, detoxification, arteries, joints, circulation, prostate

Cleansing:  All

Reference:  Crystal Companion, Enhance your life with crystals by Judy Hall